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Build Higher with Redi-Rock

How to Install Redi-Rock Wall Systems

When it comes to installing Redi-Rock retaining walls and gravity retaining wall systems, there are a number of variables, as well as, engineering characteristics that need to be addressed and considered with regards to your site and wall location. We have found Redi-Rock installs easier, faster, and just plain better than any other retaining wall system on the market.

Build Higher Gravity Walls with Less Land Disruption

  • Because Redi-Rock is bigger and heavier than small block systems, it is more stable and can be built higher before requiring geo-grid or tie-back systems.
  • Because Redi-Rock gravity walls can be built higher, less land disruption is required.
  • The blocks are bigger than normal but with a piece of equipment, the blocks actually build faster than most smaller systems occupying more space faster and easier. Each Redi-Rock block occupies 5.75 sq. ft of space per facing block.
  • Because a machine does most of the work, usually only a small crew of 1-2 is needed depending on the job site saving you labor and time.

Typical Installation Overview

A high-level overview of the basic installation process for Redi-Rock retaining wall systems

  1. Site preparation and location
  2. Ground Preparation to Create a Leveling Pad Placement
  3. Backfill Leveling Pad
  4. Excavate to the lines and grades on the construction drawing
  5. Install block units. Position blocks to be offset from seams of blocks below. Blocks shall be placed fully forward so the knob and groove are engaged.
  6. Check each block for proper alignment and level. Backfill to 12-inch width behind the block with free-draining backfill.

Different site preparations and conditions can make installation more or less complicated. For more in-depth installation instructions, you will want to review the PDF Instruction Manuals available for download here.

Technical Design and Installation Guidelines

Here you will find answers to many of your questions as they may pertain to the design and installation specifications of Redi-Rock blocks. These PDFs are a good source for design reference, as well as, what can be expected for construction.


Before you start your project or look through pages of PDFs, call or email J&R Precast. Once we understand your project, our engineers can work with your designers, engineers, and contractors to help you determine the best and most effective way to complete your retaining wall project saving you hours of time and energy.

Redi-Rock Installation for Contractors

Remember how fun it was to play with Lego blocks as a kid? Well installing Redi-Rock® retaining walls is like that … on a much larger scale. Get the resources you need to install your wall here!