Specialty Concrete Products

Specialized Concrete Products for Commercial Applications

At J&R Precast, we try and focus on manufacturing specialized concrete products that we know contractors, homeowners, municipalities, and business owners use on a daily basis. By listening to our customers, we try and manufacture precast specialty products that are the most likely to be needed here in Southeastern, MA. Jersey barriers, survey bounds, covers of all sorts, well tiles, car stops, and parking bumpers for parking lots, you name it.

Whatever mother nature can throw at us, we try and have a precast solution available to accommodate.

Concrete Survey Bounds

Survey Bounds and Concrete Survey Markers

At J&R Precast, we know when you surveying that you can’t go back and do it twice.  Our survey bounds and concrete survey markers are built to last. They are permanent markers that have been proven to stand the test of time in the elements.

No longer will you have to pour onsite and waste time and energy. Meet local town and city ordinances with our J&R Precast survey bounds and survey markers.

Applications Dimensions
Survey Bounds 36" Tall - 5" Square
Concrete Curb Stops
J&R Precast Concrete Jersey Barrier
Concrete Half Jersey Barrier

Concrete Barriers, Jersey Barriers, Medians and Wheel Bumpers

At J&R Precast we offer precast concrete products for the transportation, parking, and road construction industry.  Our Jersey barriers and median barriers are designed to withstand the rigors of parking and road construction barrier life. J&R Precast car bumpers and wheel stops are ready to go. Designed and engineered for long product life and durability, these wheel bumper stop cars and trucks in their tracks and define parking spaces for any retail or commercial parking environment. Each bumper is constructed with 3/4″ diameter holes on the top to install rebar rods to help secure the bumpers in place.

Our 4’ single-sided jersey barrier is a smaller and more practical barrier solution for smaller and harder to protect areas. Small, versatile, and heavy these barriers are singled-sided allowing them to reach more places and fit better in almost every instance.  

All J&R concrete precast products are manufactured to meet or exceed all state and ASTM standards. As a proud member of the Northeast Precast Concrete Association (NEPCA), we are committed to having the latest technology and the latest engineering and building expertise available.

Application Length Dimensions
Wheel Bumpers/Car Bumpers 6' 5" Tall Double Sided
Jersey Barriers 10' Standard 3" Tall - 5/8th Diameter
Jersey Barriers Other Lengths Available Connecting Rod Available in Single & Double Face
Half Jersey Barrier 4’ Single Faced 4’L x 1’7”W x 2’8”H
Concrete Well Tile - 12x30

Precast Concrete Well Tiles and Covers

J&R Precast well tiles are made to survive the elements. Designed to cover water wells and sump pits, our line of well tiles are versatile and can cover any application you may have.  Our well tiles and covers make access to hard-to-reach places easier, faster, and safer.

Applications Diameter Dimensions
Well Tile Cover 30" Inside Diameter 12" Tall
Well Tile Cover 30" Inside Diameter 24" Tall
Well Tile Cover 30" Inside Diameter 30" Tall
Well Tile Cover 30" Inside Diameter 36" Tall
Bin Block Waste Block

Bin Block - Waste Block

J&R Precast bin blocks or waste concrete blocks are heavy and solid blocks of concrete. At 2’ tall x 2’ wide x 6’ long and weighing in at just over 2 tons, these bin blocks can be used for a multitude of applications. These waste blocks do not have any faces on them nor do they have any kind of keyway or locking together functionality. They simply sit on each other and work on friction. These blocks are made from extra concrete that may result at the end of a day’s pour or over several pours. Each block has a galvanized lifting loop on the top of the block to making moving the block easier.