As southern New England's leading manufacturer and distributor of Redi-Rock retaining walls and precast concrete products, we're here to help and support you.

New England's Premier Precast Concrete Company

J&R Precast is a family-run precast concrete business that began operations in the late 1950s. Located in Berkley, Massachusetts, we are proud to be a 4th generation business. Over the years, J&R Precast has grown consistently through a dedication to quality and a relentless commitment to customer service.

As a result of this commitment to our customers, we are Southern New England's premier precast.

J&R Precast provides quality precast concrete products including Redi-Rock retaining walls, gravity walls, and reinforced walls. We manufacture commercial and residential precast products for use in drainage, septic, stormwater, transportation, and other precast product applications. If you have a custom project, we can help you with that too, just call us.

Meet Our Team

Our team members and employees have extensive design, engineering, manufacturing, and logistical experience in all phases of our precast operation. As a result, when you have questions, we have answers.

Bob Katon, President of J&R Precast

Bob Katon Jr

President & CEO

Before Bob had a driver’s license, he was already operating heavy machinery and trucks around the precast. With the precast located in Bob’s back yard as a playground, Bob Jr. has seen the evolution of the precast industry from the last 50 years to where it is today.

The years spent watching his father and grandfather build the precast business instilled in Bob the importance of earning new customers and keeping customers for the long haul through hard work and dedication. Many J&R Precast customers have been customers of J&R for decades.

Rose Labonte, Vice President J&R Precast

Rose Labonte

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

As Bob Jr’s sister, Rose also grew up with the precast business as her playground. Sure, the precast was the best place to play hide and seek in the neighborhood growing up. Learning every inch of the precast as a young child allowed Rose to also learn the business from the ground up from her grandfather and father.

Rose knows every aspect of the operation in-depth and her responsibilities are numerous from ensuring customer service to order fulfillment and delivery schedules.

Rose is known for her patience, a sense of humor, and creative thinking by listening to customer’s needs and translating those needs into what J&R Precast products can do to help them.

Ashley Katon, Vice President J&R Precast

Ashley Katon

Vice President

As with all the Katon children, Ashley has grown up around the concrete products that make up her backyard. She is following in the footsteps of her great-grandfather, grandfather, and father and continues the tradition of working and learning the precast business.

Ashley works to reconcile billing, manage environmental affairs, and communications, and also works to further programs for human resources and employees.

Jeff Macomber, Director of business development and markting, J&R Precast

Jeff Macomber

Director of Business Development and Marketing, Retaining Wall Specialist

As a video producer and director in the corporate marketing world for over 20 years, Jeff has spent a lot of time designing and implementing strategic business communications that resonate with customers. When it became time to downsize and change careers, J&R Precast was a perfect family fit. Jeff’s mission at J&R Precast is to communicate value to customers and prospects in need of large block retaining wall solutions. From engineers and site developers to architects, contractors, and homeowners, Jeff’s goal is to work with customers to deliver a superior customer experience and to deliver a wall solution that functions and looks amazing.

Allen Cobb, Estimator, Retiaing Wall Expert, J&R Precast

Allen Cobb

Estimator, Retaining Wall Specialist

After 31 years in the fire service, Allen has learned a thing or two about people and relationships. Now, Allen has taken his customer service and problem-solving skills and translated them into the retaining wall block business.

Dedicated to working with each and every customer from the design phase and into construction, Allen shows great attention to detail. Even during the unexpected surprises that can arrive on any job site, from elevation problems to design changes, Allen is our Redi-Rock retaining wall specialist.