Burrillville Library Parking Lot – Burrillville, RI

July 10, 2014 Redi-Rock

Burrillville Library Parking lot – The expansion of the parking lot at the Burrillville, RI library provided a great opportunity to show case the Redi-Rock step blocks with short walls and caps enclosing it, railings and light fixtures. This project focused on a green approach with pavement being installed to help drainage.

The sign in the photo reads: This parking lot is an example of Low Impact Development by utilizing a porous pavement surface. This allows storm water to infiltrate through the pavement and the soils below thus removing the potential pollutants from entering the nearby Clear River watershed. The lot was partially funded by RIDEM in accordance with the Non Point Source Implementation Grant Program. The project was constructed by Burrillville DPW forces, completed November 2010.